Amazing Africa: A to Z- Discover the Beauty of Africa

The writer cannot expect to be excused from the task of re-education and regeneration that must be done. In fact, he should march right in front. Chinua Achebe

I am marching forward by adding a new children's book to our collection of leadership books. I am excited to announce the launch of Planting People Growing Justice Press’ latest book project, Amazing Africa: A to Z.

The book was co-authored with Monica Habia and is vividly illustrated by Reyhana Ismail. The book takes readers on an exciting and informative visual journey through the 54 countries of the African continent. Amazing Africa: A to Z includes key facts about a continent that has one of the fastest growing populations in the world.

The book takes young readers on an expedition of education through Africa that is equally entertaining for adults. The vast majority of adults have only a vague understanding at best of Africa and mistakenly think Africa is a country. With Amazing Africa: A to Z, the authors are working to bridge the knowledge gap that exists about the continent.

Author Jacqueline Norwood-Hall endorsed the book wholeheartedly. “This book will take its readers down the historically rich roads of Africa, unveiling its mysteries, its majesty and its milestones. A is not just for Africa, it is also for awesome!”

The Honorable Bukola Love Oriola, Secretary, U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking said, “Amazing Africa: A to Z is a timely book for the American children from the cradle. It simply educates you on Africa in an easy to learn and digestible manner. This is a book that will serve as a great learning tool for teachers and their young learners in the classroom. I recommend it for the schools from Head Start through K-12. In addition, it serves as a quick fact finder for adults about Africa.”

Kathleen Hubbard-Ismail, founder of the Ghana Scholarship Fund, shared: "Amazing Africa: A to Z inspires the children of Africa to achieve their dreams and informs them about their culture and history, which is critical for them to fully embrace who they are." 

Amazing Africa: A to Z provides children and adults with a scenic and educational journey through a continent of widely diverse climates, cultures and customs. The book promotes literacy and will inspire the next generation to learn more about Africa, while helping to prepare them for becoming global citizens and taking a leadership role for social justice.

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